The Hour That Was Wasted

Posted by Sam Smith

My dissertation was going so well, there had been no hiccups, no mishaps, no bumps in the metaphorical road… Until the other day.

What I’m doing at the moment is meeting up with people and interviewing them for around 40 minutes, asking questions about their university experience with regards to their faith as a Christian.  I’d arranged to meet up with this one guy who was keen to take part and be a participant, I hadn’t met him before and we’d arranged to meet in a local coffee shop for the interview, so far, so good.

Now, I have recently decided to change how I record these interviews, I was previously using my laptop, but I didn’t think the quality of the audio recording was very good, so for this interview I thought I’d use my iPod Touch’s voice memo app.  Me and the participant left the coffee shop and went our separate ways, I got home and listened to the interview and – thankfully – it was recorded successfully, it was all very clear and I was happy.
Later that day, before I start typing up the transcript from the interview, I use the same app to record a guitar riff I had been working on, I record me playing the guitar and decide to delete it, the iPod however didn’t react straight way and so I press delete again, it then decides to delete not only the guitar riff recording, but the whole of the interview I carried out as well.


I sat there in shock – why didn’t I back it up… why didn’t it ask me if I was sure I wanted to delete it… I suck at life. These things happen I guess…  At least I wasn’t half way through typing the interview up, I genuinely would have cried then.

Thing is I haven’t had the heart to tell the participant that I accidently deleted his interview!!  Hopefully he won’t come across this blog, otherwise I’ll have some explaining to do!

More blogging soon (unless I accidently delete them before posting!),


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