Library Fun

Posted by Sam Smith

My days in uni at the moment largely consist of a view like the one:

photo (7)

Libraries; somewhere I’d never think to venture before I started uni.  Of course if you’re a secondary school student reading this you’ll know that almost all the work you do each day is done in the classroom, uni is different in that respect and these days I spend a lot of time in a big IT suite searching for articles online and typing things up for the different modules I’m taking in my degree.

Days are much less structured in uni with far more free time compared to when I was in school, but I can’t afford to waste this free time that I have.  I try to view my days like a standard 9-4pm day and when I don’t have a lecture, I’ll head to this IT suite and try to crack on with an assignment that I have to do.

Anyway, better crack on with all this work – need a coffee soon though!

More soon,


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