My Drive @ Uni

Posted by Sam Smith

It’s great to be able to drive a car!  When you are old enough, DO LEARN HOW TO DO IT!  I was thinking today about how great the freedom of having a car is – it’s awesome.

I actually have my car with me at university, this is probably quite a rare thing for a Cardiff student and as I filled my car up with petrol this week I thought about whether I really needed it, or whether in fact the negatives outweigh the positives.  Here’s a quick list of the pros and cons


– That freedom to go where you want when you want (not to be underrated)
– Can take more stuff with you when you go back home and around locally
– if you travel a lot, it’s cheaper compared to public transport


– high cost if not driving much, compared to public transport
– high cost of upkeep too
– you might need a parking permit to park outside your house, which costs money
– basically money is an issue

Should I keep my car in Cardiff? For now I will, personally I use it a lot in the band, but this is a decision that you may one day have to make.  Money is tight at uni and if you can’t afford to have, and keep a car then there are lots of public transport options, also Cardiff is great to get around by bicycle and there are some lovely walks as well.

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