Easter Plans

Posted by Sam Smith

I helped out at a little do we had at my church where we put on a meal for the families whose children attend the youth clubs we hold in the week.  gabalfa easter 2015Twas really good fun, I was a waiter and got my bow tie on.  It made me think, all the youngsters who came to the meal were exited for their Easter holidays, I asked some what their plans were – sleeping in, doing fun things with friends made up most of the plans which is great for them.

Easter has also arrived for me, but it won’t be like the Easter’s of old…  The Easter’s of sleeping in, playing lots of video games and watching box sets… It’s totally crunch time at the moment for work and I can’t afford to waste any time!  I want to finish off my dissertation in the next 5 weeks and I have 4 weeks off for Easter now, so basically – IT’S ON!

I do feel really quite pumped and ready, it’s a good thing I like my subject but I’m in for a hard slog of work now till the end

Wish me luck readers!

More soon,


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