Hitting The Mark

Posted by Sam Smith

The turnover between handing in an assignment and getting it back is around 4-8 weeks.  85When the assignment is marked and ready for collection, I receive an email informing so and I go to the taught programmes office in uni and pick it up… This week I received such an email with regards to my Exercise Psychology assignment, which I actually posted about when I handed it in just after Christmas.

I always get nervous at this point… When handing in this assignment, I didn’t feel too confident, I thought I’d made a load of mistakes and just decided to ignore those feelings and hand it in.  I mean, I had done everything that was asked of us but I wasn’t that confident in how well I’d done.

And yet to my utter surprise I receive the best mark I’ve ever received on a single piece of work – 85 /100!  WOOOP.  I had to read it a few times to check.

It’s really great when hard work pays off, and it’s inspired me to keep going with my current assignment!

Work hard readers, it’s worth the struggle!

More soon,


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