Monthly Archives: May 2015

Yma, yno ac ym mhob man

Posted by Hollie Edwards Roadshow Blogger

Yn ddiweddar rwyf yn ymddangos i wedi dod yn brysur iawn, ac mae’n nodweddiadol gan ei bod yn gyd ymhlith yr hyn a oedd i fod i fod yn amser adolygu. Rhai o’r pethau rwyf wedi bod yn gwneud yw;

hollie 31– ‘Afternoon Tea’ yn y Plaza Park er mwyn codi arian ar gyfer yr elusen ‘Dreams and Wishes’.Read More

End of an era

Posted by Carla Rudd Roadshow Blogger

Yesterday I completed my last ever exam which means my three years as an undergraduate student at Cardiff Met has come to an end!… Read More

Dis = Done

Posted by Sam Smith

You know when you’re little and your mum says “Sam, give your sister some of your sweets”, and your heart sinks? Or when you’ve just got a new toy and it broke so you had to take it back to the shop?… Read More

Dissertation Delirium

Posted by Gareth Short

Ok so I knew it would come to this point. I, like many others before me, have made the fatal mistake of thinking that “I can just start tomorrow”. … Read More

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