Dis = Done

Posted by Sam Smith

You know when you’re little and your mum says “Sam, give your sister some of your sweets”, and your heart sinks? Or when you’ve just got a new toy and it broke so you had to take it back to the shop? You’re thinking “where are you going with this one Sam?”…  Well, last week I had to hand in my dissertation.

Dissertation Hand-in PhotoIt felt like I was giving a little part of my life away. Just like sharing sweets with sisters or taking a favourite toy back to the shop, it was something I had to do but I didn’t want to. I had been working solidly on my dissertation for what felt like weeks on end, and we had a love-hate relationship. Some days we’d laugh together, other day’s we’d cry together. It was my baby and I was its creator. But, the day was always going to come when I needed to hand my baby over to be judged by other people who will never love it like I have loved it.

So, reluctantly, I trudged to uni and took the obligatory ‘dissertation photo’ (right), and posted the 9000 words of pure brilliance (… I hope) into the black hand-in box. I thought my life would feel somewhat emptier without my baby to look after. But I have been surprisingly liberated. I can enjoy my last few weeks as a student knowing that my dissertation has been completed, and we shall be reunited soon.

More soon folks,


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