Monthly Archives: June 2015

#27 Tic(k) toc(k)

Posted by Elen Roberts

It’s time to go …

Law libraryIn the picture (right) I’m returning a book to the law library for the last time this academic year. As you can probably see on my face, I was quite pleased. It’s going to be great not to have to cram my head with facts over the summer.… Read More

#25 #LawStudentProblems

Posted by Elen Roberts

On Twitter I follow an account named @LawVicissitudes, which tweets under the hashtag #LawStudentProblems about common issues that law students face all over the world (although it mostly focuses on Commonwealth jurisdictions). It’s a humorous portrayal of the ups and downs of being at law school.… Read More

Teithio’r byd!

Posted by Hollie Edwards Roadshow Blogger

Rhag ofn nad ydych wedi dyfalu’n barod, yr wyf wrth fy modd yn teithio’r byd! Ar gyfer fy mhen-blwydd ychydig o flynyddoedd yn ôl, wnaeth fy rhieni brynu poster i mi; 101 o leoedd i ymweld cyn i chi farw‘. Read More

Rhyddid, dim am hir!

Posted by Hollie Edwards Roadshow Blogger

Ni allaf gredu bod fy nhair blynedd yn y brifysgol wedi dod i ben – ble mae’r amser wedi mynd?

Wnes i chyflwyno fy nhraethawd hir ar yr 8fed o Fair – dyna teimlad braf! Gorffennais fy arholiad terfynol ar Dydd Llun.Read More

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