A Break Point

Posted by Sam Smith

This summer I have discovered that the tennis courts in Roath Park are free and in the glorious Cardiff sunshine I cannot resist a good old game of bat ‘n’ ball as a break in my revision.

It’s sometimes difficult to find people who are as enthusiastic as I am to play the beautiful game, but thankfully my housemate Alice is keen, and we have played four times. I’ll be honest, I went into the first game a bit too confident. But unfortunately that was just my first error. I truly believed that I was Andy Murray’s long-lost half-brother until Alice comfortably won each game to take the set. My manhood was shredded and I walked away from Roath that day with my tail between my legs. Over the next three matches, I won two of them. Which means that we’re 2-2 and all is left to play for. Our next and final match is tomorrow.

I think there is inevitably going to be a moral battle as well as a tennis battle on the court tomorrow. Girls have an annoying habit of either winning and making you feel like an inadequate male, or losing and then saying that they wanted you to win all along and they didn’t even try. I’m going to need a whole lot of patience (and skill) for tomorrow’s match. Whatever happens on the court tomorrow I think I’ve realised that a bit of healthy competition is great. And university is the perfect time to take the opportunity for a quick revision break on the tennis courts.

Alice may well win and take my manhood once again, but she might just “let me win”, and I’ll be perfectly happy with that.

Maybe a win will boost my confidence, which will help my revision, which will up my overall grade!  Hmm, that’s a good excuse to play tennis instead of revise right? :S

More soon,


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