Summer Schools

Posted by Gareth Short

This year I’m really, really looking forward to the summer. Previously, after finishing my first and second year I had a huge sense of relief. Going into the three/four month break is an amazing feeling, but I always knew I’d be going back to the books again in September. This year however, there is no darkness at the end of the tunnel. Instead there’s a trip to Canada at the end of it all, and lots to be done before that.

One of the biggest things I’m looking forward to is the Cardiff University’s summer school. The programme is called the Step Up Plus summer school, and it’s a great way for prospective students to get to know Cardiff as a city and a university. Over a period of a few days, our guests live in university accommodation with supervision from uni students, and get to enjoy all the perks that come along with living on a campus.

For prospective students the stay is amazing fun, you get to enjoy all of the good bits of university without any of the work. You also meet a lot of new people so it’s a good way of getting used to socialising outside of your own group of friends. For students like me who work the event, it’s a rewarding way of passing on your own experiences to those who are going to need it the most, and it’s just good fun. Last year I organised the Frisbee session which was a massive success (in my mind). I think I’ll try and do that again this year, with the possibility of touch rugby being thrown in.

Already summer is shaping up to be pretty exciting, with summer schools and a possible Eurorail trip with friends I can’t wait to get over the final hurdle: Exams.


Find out more about Summer Schools here.

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