Monthly Archives: August 2015

Learning to Drive

Posted by Gareth Short

Driving is widely seen as a rite of passage for 17 year olds wishing to demonstrate their freedom and independence in today’s modern world. When I left for Norway at 16 I thought I’d have time to take care of a license when I get back for summer.… Read More

Thinking about University – How early is too early?

Posted by Gareth Short

Having recently graduated in law from Cardiff University it seems a long, long time ago that I was thinking about applications and the general prospect of applying to a University. I distinctly remember teachers saying “soon enough you’ll be thinking about what courses you want to do, where you want to do them and for how long” – and that was as far back as year 9.… Read More

What is Clearing??!!

Posted by Emma Sheldon

Clearing is used by universities to fill any extra spaces that are left on their courses for the coming year. This also gives students who have just finished school or college a second chance at getting into uni. The clearing process starts on A-level results day which is generally the last set of examination results to be released – this makes it fair for everyone receiving A-level results or equivalent.… Read More

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