Halfway through the first half of the last year of university

Posted by Helena Fern

Probably the most complicated way to word it, but its true, we’re getting through third year at an alarming rate! For humanities students we have a ‘reading week’ halfway through each semester, this week comes around so quickly and signifies so much. It is different from all the other weeks, a bit like half-term, we don’t have any lectures or seminars and is a chance to catch up on all the reading and essay writing you may have been forgetting, and of course, Netflix (I’ve watched all of Breaking Bad, where to go now!?). IMG_8772I tried to organise my time a bit, finding a balance between studying, working and fun things like Halloween and my parents coming to visit! The library also features prominently in this week, with many hours stretching into one as you pour over books about the British empire in India or whichever topic is on the agenda for the day. Coming home from a day at the library does give you a feeling of achievement, and you know that no matter what you tell yourself, you would definitely get more work done there than staying in your pjs all day and ‘working’ in your room!


The other night it was Bonfire night and we went to Barry Island (again), but this time in the evening to watch the fireworks and have fish and chips (again). It was really busy and they even had the fair open so you could go on the rides, we didn’t, mainly because we were full of chips and being spun around would’ve been dangerous!

In reading week, a lot of people go home, sadly this year I didn’t, but my parents did come up all the way from Cornwall to see me and its a pretty long drive, about 4 hours! They just stayed for the day so we went for lunch at The Plan, a cute little cafe in Morgan Arcade, and then we looked around Cardiff for a bit and did some shopping. When my parents come to visit, they stay in one of the local hotels, and the rooms always have baths, something I make full of use of! None of my student houses have had baths, so taking a bath is a bit of a luxury!

Also in reading week I went to my friend Ellie’s house in Taunton for her 21st birthday party. Ellie’s house in Taunton wasn’t too unknown, although it was a bit a like stepping into enemy lines because there’s a bit of daft rivalry between Cornwall and Devon over who’s pasties and cream teas are the best (Cornwall, obviously!). But it was so nice to go to a ‘proper’ house again, that was actually clean! The party was in the Village hall and it was a great mix of Ellie’s friends from home, us from Cardiff and all of her family, most of whom were better dancers than we were!

1920360_10154370100930231_1092146262413033627_nOne of the many great things about going to uni is meeting people from all over! Last year, our whole house came to stay at mine for the week, in Cornwall, we were lucky with the weather and did all the touristy things that when you live there, you never usually do! And this summer we went to the Cotswolds for our friend Shawnee’s birthday! If I hadn’t’ve come to uni, I would never have met these people or been to all these new places!

All in all, it was a good ‘half term’, I had a chance to relax a bit and get some work done, particularly for my dissertation!

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