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Posted by Michael Amatt

Journalism is a subject that in this day and age has sparked thousands of platforms to work within. The front page story of any newspaper now inspires a radio bulletin, blog post, TV documentary, magazine article and podcast. Just a few simple words in the news can be crafted, expanded, developed and re-branded. This sounds amazing, but to be able to do it on any platform requires training.

Studying journalism at Cardiff University collaborates industry practice with expert experience to provide students with the best training available. The journalism, media and cultural studies building (JOMEC) houses all the best equipment and resources for an up and coming, eager journalist.

CPge4wIXAAAhucwThe library houses a Willy Wonka style array of newspapers for the news geek to feast on. A catalogue of news from every major UK publication over the past year. Every TV screen in the building is playing a form of the news so there isn’t a single space where you’re not up to date.

The most important question to ask when looking to study journalism, is whether the city is right for contacts and stories. Cardiff is home to the Welsh Assembly which is essential for stories around politics and public admin. There is a vast majority of theatres and performing arts groups that provide an incredible display of performances and culture. The international pool, Millennium Stadium, football stadium, white water rafting centre and many more clubs and teams make sport accessible and exciting to report on.

On top of the locations and establishments available, students are taught to use what is at their fingertips. Use technology like 11987203_10153064626296604_1942955936786643700_nsmart phones, apps like Stella to tell stories and a wide collection of devices and tools to experience the news and current affairs in a personal and unique way.

The days of the daily newspaper being the one source of news information are long gone. Being a student at Cardiff University studying journalism opens your mind to the incredibly fast paced and innovative technological world that makes journalism available anywhere, on any platform, at any time.

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