A Cardifferent day out

Posted by Michael Amatt

I spend almost every minute of every hour, every hour of every day and every day of every week in uni. I’m studying a subject I’m obsessed with and don’t mind putting in so much time but occasionally I do like to escape.

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With the wind in my hair, my mind as a compass, the world as my path, or usually just a tub of hummus and old episodes of Blankety Blank on challenge, the world is my oyster.

I do sometimes escape into the out doors and experience absolutely everything Cardiff has to offer. Just wandering around there are plenty of places to visit. Off the top of my head I can think of some stunning locations. Bute park, Roath park, Roath lake, Cardiff Bay, Penarth, Cardiff Castle, Cardiff city centre, Cathays park and Pontcanna fields are among some of the best places to be.

It’s not just the nature and countryside that make this city so alive and active. I am a loud and proud Doctor Who fan. I can quite happily tell you all about the TARDIS or the Daleks, and quite frankly, I feel all Whovians (yes that’s what we’re called) are fantastic human beings. Down in Cardiff Bay there is an entire museum holding some of the most incredible Doctor Who memorabilia.

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Over Christmas the city is thriving with music, stalls, lights and events. The stalls sell everything soaps and candles to Welsh tools and gifts. Most importantly there are always a few cheese stalls and I’m quite sure it’s illegal not to have one in a market. Though in Wales you should always approach cheese rather cautiously and Caerphilly.

It’s a bit of trek on foot, especially if your usual Saturday consists of eating Doritos, but Penarth has some of the most exquisite views of Cardiff. The same can be said for the top of the tower at Cardiff Castle, where you can use your free ticket if you’re a student in Cardiff.

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Sometimes you want to explore your new home so you can clear your head away from classes. Cardiff has so much to offer every day of the week, and in a lot of cases, for free. If you’re ever short of something to do in Cardiff as a student, just go for a walk and you’re sure to find somewhere wonderful.

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