Procrastinating from procrastination

Posted by Michael Amatt

From what I’ve witnessed on Snapchat, it is an app that allows people to unleash some of the weirdest and most bizarre acts from the dark and twisted depths of their psyche for a maximum of ten seconds. We can personally save our own pictures and videos but others only see them once. I have also received thousands of picture snaps, from one to ten seconds, from conversational and argumentative to slightly fun and mind bogglingly peculiar.


Now the app is opening up miraculously and all the hours I spend sending glorious videos of me miming to ‘I’m every woman’ can be rectified. There are news accounts, business profiles and personal videos that allow you to see what is happening all around the globe. The app is gearing up for 2016 as it’s going to be the number one app for summing up the days events in videos, pictures and short stories.


When I snap, I’m usually bored. I have a vast number of people that I will send some of the strangest snaps. I impersonate people, animals and sometimes create beasts and terrifying characters. I’m proud of my snaps. To me, Snapchat is the perfect place to perform small bursts of hilarity and madness to a personal audience that understand my humor and enjoy it. I also have a fair few Snapchatters that horrify me with some eye opening displays of foolishness.

But I’ve started to use the app for its extra purposes. Very much like Facebook, my social media footprint began sending videos of cats wearing various hats but I can access the news, and use my social media platforms to tell journalistic stories.

My procrastination tools, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Vine steal hours away from my day, but now they utilize the news and current affairs so brilliantly, I’m still keeping up to date while endlessly scrolling.



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