Golden Years

Posted by Helena Fern

As you may be aware, David Bowie died recently. He’s definitely one of my favourite musicians and I love so many of his songs. He was also particularly important because listening to a compilation album of his is what got me through my IB (International Baccalaureate, like a levels but some more subjects)! For two weeks I had a total of 15 exams, with the most being 3 on one day. It was a crazy time, but in the end it definitely helped prepare me IMG_9294for uni. It was almost a relief coming to uni because I could focus on one subject, and my favourite subject at that.

When choosing what to do at college I didn’t really have an idea of what I wanted to do in the world, or what I wanted to do at uni, so I chose quite a range of subjects. For the IB you do 6 subjects, as well as some other things like CAS, which was 150 hours of creative, active and volunteering activities and TOK, which stood for ‘theory of knowledge’ and involved many essays and presentations.

To celebrate Bowie’s life, we went to a Bowie themed night at 10 Feet Tall. We got a bit carried away with the dressing up and ended up buying white t-shirts form Primark and paint from Poundland, and making our own designs! They came out relatively alright although they did inspire some questions in people.

IMG_9325As well as various Bowie nights, we also had a staff party for the students working at the Students Union. This is really cool and a nice way to hang out and get to know the other people working in the SU. And there was even free pizza!

This Tuesday, Discovery started again, it was so much fun, we did the budgeting Minion exercise which I may have done before, but it’s still good. It really helps show, even us current students, where our money goes! Rent being the biggest component and then food and then socialising. The actual course provides a lot of the stuff you need, like for History all you really need is access to the library and the internet! And then get reading! It also made me realise how useful it is to have a part time job, whilst not essential, it really helps and means you can buy more stuff. I am becoming a bit of a fiend for buying clothes, I can’t seem to stop!

This weekend we are going for a meal with all the guys who worked on the Summer Schools last year, it was such a great experience and I got to meet so many new people and even got to know some more about my own uni!

All in all, a pretty good week and two doses of free pizza! And because of one of my earlier blogs about our house Christmas dinner, I got tweeted by Lidl, how cool is that!

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