Monthly Archives: April 2016

Bywyd myfyriwr hanes

Posted by Sara Yassine

Doedden i ddim gwastad eisiau astudio hanes, roedden i eisiau astudio’r gwyddorau…hynny yw, tan i Lefel A ddigwydd… Mae’n syndod pa mor wahanol byddai’r ochr academaidd o fywyd prifysgol wedi bod. Byddech chi bron yn bendant yn cael eich ffrindiau BSc yn trio dweud fod eich gradd ddim yn waith caled/ddim gwerth gymaint, ond beth am yr holl sgiliau trosglwyddadwy?… Read More

New Zealand #1

Posted by Rachel Underhill


It is crazy to think that I’ve been in New Zealand for exactly four weeks, with only another four to go! The time has certainly flown by already! So what have I done so far? Quite a lot I’d say …

The main purpose of our medical elective is to experience how medicine is practised worldwide, to see how it varies from the UK and also to spend time in an area which interests us.… Read More

Run the world

Posted by Helena Fern

This week the Easter holidays started and I’ve decided to stay inIMG_9782 Cardiff for the three weeks! I’ve been working a bit, trying to restore some of my depleted savings! At the beginning of the week I helped out on some site visits, doing some campus tours, luckily when the weather was good and we had a scavenger hunt to do around the uni which was fun!… Read More

Stuck at the procrastination station

Posted by Sara Yassine

Lately I have been the queen of procrastination, and with all the work that I have to do, this isn’t really the best thing. I’m sure I’m not alone with finding everything BUT revision/essay-writing exciting. I have slowly been trying to get out of this habit, and these are some of the things that have helped:

  1. Going into the library – I am one of those people that finds it impossible to do work at home, so even though I live a 40 minute walk away from the university library, I come in most days.
Read More

Having pets at university

Posted by Elcy Meader

University gives you a huge amount of freedom. You get to make your own decisions about your life, such as where you live, how you spend your money, what you spend your free time doing.

For me, I decided to indulge in my love of animals.… Read More

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