How I coped with interviewing…

Posted by Amelia Rivers

As part of the third year, you will be doing some sort of research project or dissertation. For my course, I am doing a research project which isn’t as big as a dissertation. It’s a bit confusing to explain but once you start doing it it’ll become easier to understand.

As part of my research project, I decided to study hoarding and to interview people working at a local authority as part of my study. I interviewed 5 people for my study, this was the first time I have ever interviewed anyone, I felt nervous to be the one asking the questions. I’ve had an interview for my summer job and interview exams as part of my course so I know what to expect, however I have never been the interviewee.

I had prepared eight questions; aInterviewlthough I anticipated I would be asking more questions than this in my interview. As this was a study I also had to ensure that all the questions I asked were similar for all of the participants. I also had to take notes of what they had said, to ensure I didn’t miss vital information I audio recorded each of the interviews.

To prepare for the interviews, I decided to interview my dad who is an Environmental Health Officer which is very useful, with my mum observing. This was a very beneficial experience as I received constructive criticisms which enabled me to better my interviewing technique, as my mother has interviewed a number of people for jobs and knew what she was looking for. Following this exercise I was able to develop my questions to better suit my research project.

I interviewed the first 2 people and I was so nervous, but it was really a lot easier than I had originally thought. It was definitely easier being the interviewee, I had  the opportunity to ask more questions and managed to make my interviews last half an hour so I had plenty of information for my research projects. Following the success of my first two interviews I felt very confident and relaxed going into the three other interviews.

I definitely have more confidence now when it comes to talking to professionals, and the interviews helped me overcome being anxious and nervous.

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