Using technology to improve your learning

Posted by Elcy Meader

University can be a struggle academically sometimes. But there are things that can help you on the way to success.

For example, you might struggle with writing notes and plans. If that’s the case, then perhaps you can use your phone to your advantage. Most smart phones have a built in Dictaphone feature. You can use this to help you note down information you need, help you to write plans, put in reminders, all by speaking to it. Using it to your advantage could really help your organisation skills and could also help with your time management too, especially if time is sparse.

Referencing is something that sounds pretty scary when you first get to university. But, there’s a couple of things that can help you get this right too. One of these is a book called Cite Them Right, but this is not the only resource that you can use. There’s an app that you can download onto your phone that can write a reference from a books barcode. This app is called Refme, and can be set to whatever referencing system your university or course requires. It saves me a ton of time, so it’s worth a look.


Organisation can be a struggle when you are first left to your own independent study. I found it very hard to get back into an academic mind set when returning to university. There are several timing tools that people can use to their advantage. One such tool is ‘’. You can use this website to create your own schedule, and keep track of the activities you have done throughout your study session, evening or the whole day. It makes big tasks smaller and a lot more manageable, and can help you to complete those essays on time.

A very important thing to think about while at university is to always make a copy of your files. An external hard drive is a good way to back up your important files and documents. However, not everyone has access to one of these. But this doesn’t mean that there is no way to back up your data. is a free site that you can use to store your files. Not only does this site give you a backup of all your important files, but it will also give you access to them on any computer with an internet connection. So fear not if you leave your assignment that is due today at home, just make sure you save it on this handy site and you’re safe.

A good saying that has helped me through my studies is ‘work smart, not hard’. Make sure that you use every tool that can give you an edge to improve your learning experience. You’ll be thankful for it when you’re done.elcy blog

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