Monthly Archives: June 2016

Long distance relationships…

Posted by Kailea Turner

A big thing at uni that can be hard to manage is maintaining a relationship. Whether it be a partner you made while at school who has stayed home, or who has gone to another uni. The long distance relationship aspect as a result of going to uni can cause a strain.Read More

Why go to University?

Posted by Kailea Turner

A question that you will be asked a lot whilst applying to university is why you want to go. I think that it is very important to have a solid answer to this question. Not for everyone else but for yourself.… Read More

Gwleidyddiaeth gwleidyddiaeth gwleidyddiaeth…

Posted by Sara Yassine

Heblaw am waith, gwleidyddiaeth oedd thema’r wythnosau diwethaf. Gyda’r etholiad Sara spina’r refferendwm, mae lot o bobl i berswadio… Dwi ‘di bod yn gweithio gyda Hope Not Hate a Citizens Cymru yn gwneud yn siŵr fod pobl wedi cofrestri i bleidleisio (yn enwedig myfyrwyr oherwydd mae lot ohonynt ddim ar y rhestr rhagor) ac yn darparu pamffledi yn annog pobl i fynd allan ar y diwrnod.… Read More

Too many deadlines!

Posted by Kailea Turner

Okay so last week my worst university nightmare became a reality – I had 3 assignments due in on one day! Accumulating to about 6000 words! How is one supposed to write, edit and make 3 pieces of work worthy of being handed in all at once?!Read More

The Final Chapter?

Posted by Tom Coope

The Students’ Union isn’t just a place for grabbing a quick coffee (or Jägerbomb, depending on the time of day you visit). In fact beneath the brown façade of brickwork, all manner of shops and services can be found, including the university bookshop.… Read More

Studying with Sherlock

Posted by Helena Fern

IMG_0286This past week has been revision, revision and more revision. Luckily everyone is also revising so nothing fun is going on. Except in our house, where everyone seems to have finished except me! I’ve recently taken to going to the library in the middle of the night because it’s the only time it’s quiet, and to avoid all the happy, carefree people at home!… Read More

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