Monthly Archives: September 2016

Graduation Day

Posted by Helena Fern

IMG_1081Last week I had to skip out of the Step Up summer school early because I had to go to graduation! I am now a graduate from Cardiff University, pretty crazy to say! I still can’t quite believe it. These past three years have absolutely flown by, I can still remember my first day as if it were yesterday.… Read More

Job hunt

Posted by Sara Yassine

Although summer holidays are for relaxing, it’s dawning on me that I have nothing to go back to in if I don’t start looking for jobs then I may have quite a long ‘summer holiday’.

Admittedly, I am yet to apply to many jobs… but the ones that I have have been for posts abroad, as I want to teach English as a second language for a few years before doing a Masters.… Read More

Let them eat cake!

Posted by Helena Fern

IMG_0754After getting back from Thailand, it was immediately my 21st birthday, finally! Besides the fact that my birthday is in June, all of my friends happen to have had gap years before coming to uni – so they are all at least a year older than me anyway!… Read More

Summer schools, societies and sibilance

Posted by Helena Fern

IMG_1034The second week of summer schools is a bit different to the first in that it is much bigger, and this time we moved down to Talybont North, the largest group of university halls of residence. As it is so much bigger there is a bit choice for academic sessions and other activities, this means there is a lot of organising and on the first day, Hannah, who was organising it, came in with a mild concussion she got from playing roller derby (A very cool hobby, but clearly a bit dangerous too!).… Read More

Summer Time

Posted by Sara Yassine

This summer holiday was the last summer holiday before adult-with-a-job life commences.  I shouldn’t complain though because some didn’t even get a summer holiday if they applied for jobs with immediate starts…


Summer in Cardiff is usually quite eventful, with lots of outdoorsy things to do if the sun is out.… Read More

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