Summer schools, societies and sibilance

Posted by Helena Fern

IMG_1034The second week of summer schools is a bit different to the first in that it is much bigger, and this time we moved down to Talybont North, the largest group of university halls of residence. As it is so much bigger there is a bit choice for academic sessions and other activities, this means there is a lot of organising and on the first day, Hannah, who was organising it, came in with a mild concussion she got from playing roller derby (A very cool hobby, but clearly a bit dangerous too!). Despite this, everything ran smoothly and everyone got where they needed to be.



Necklaces of DNA in Biosci!

Before the event, each student chose three academic sessions they wanted to attend, and there was a lot of choice – from chemistry to healthcare, psychology to Portuguese. I only got to see the English Language session, which I found very interesting, it was all about linguistics and I liked it so much and I went and bought a book on it! For example, did you know that Cardiff University has a very good linguistics department and is actually a frontrunner in the study of Forensic Linguistics – which is studying how people use language in criminal investigations and how this may incriminate them – pretty cool!


For Step Up, we also did a budgeting exercise and cooked dinner in our flats, my flat each made their own pizza with a variety of toppings! And this time we also had to budget in an evening at Cardiff Bay where we would get dinner and do an activity, such as going bowling or to the cinema. We chose to go to a buffet restaurant, that way everyone could have what they wanted. Then we went bowling, which was great fun! And I actually didn’t do too badly!


As well as the academic sessions, we did some society taster sessions, this ranged from trying Korfball (a Dutch sport, like netball and basketball…) to Acapella. We opted for Bollywood Dancing, which was great! We learnt a whole dance, which they put on their Facebook page! And it was like exercise, but fun! Acapella was amazing as always, and there was an arts and crafts sessions where the students made some excellent tote bags! Having a go at all these different societies made me quite jealous that I had finished and hadn’t taken full advantage out of all these different opportunities!


korfballUntitledGetting involved in some sort of societies or sports is definitely a must when you come to uni, and there are so many to choose from! At Cardiff University there are over 200 societies, so there really is something for everyone! I got involved with Rock Climbing in my final year, but I shouldn’t have waited so long!


Depending on what course you do determines how much free time you’ll have, but many societies aren’t demanding about how often you turn up, so you can go as much or as little as you like! Plus, no subjects have lectures on Wednesday afternoons, so a lot of society and sport’s sessions are planned then!

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