Managing expectations…?

Posted by Eleanor Brooks Roadshow Blogger

So this is second year, yay. No really, yay, this year is going to be yay all caps, or at least yay with a capital Y. Yay. You learn to manage your expectations after a year of your expectations surprising you. And maybe become a bit strange, like over analysing a three letter word as an opening to a blog post.

But this year will be better. It already is, I have lovely housemates, my room is aesthetic goals (so proud of that tbh) and it’s not rained too much yet! I’m also determined to excel in my course, something that is much easier said than done, please pray for me, thx.

I’m an architecture student, I chose architecture because I love art, design and science, and so far, my course seems perfect for me. It’s the perfect mix of drawing and technical thinking to make all the drawing feel of some use to wider society. Stressful though. Just as the first working week is over and I’m already spending most waking moments thinking about all the work I’ve been set as well as all the work I’ve most definitely forgotten about.


Living with friends really is a highlight of second year so far. Just being able to freely go out, watch telly and spend waaaayyy too much money (seriously, I had to budget so hard this week its soul destroying). Is all part of the uni experience, an experience that if you’re a wannabe fresher you’ll soon find varies widely, the best thing is to have no expectations and just see where life takes you. Sorry, cheesey but true.

And then you have to do work as well, fun. No really, if you enjoy your course it is fun but you can’t always enjoy everything, I mean I did really struggle to enjoy my module on brick laying (it’s quite interesting actually, there’s so many different ways to lay bricks!) but I tried. See the key word is balance, some weeks you’ll love getting up to do uni work, but sometimes you have 9ams, some nights you’ll go out have a few drinks and wake up with chicken nuggets in your bed and others you’ll be watching Tangled and making cake with your housemates. And sometimes you’ll have to go outside to silent scream for no reason, (I find walks in Bute Park quite calming!) but mostly you’ll be chilling and content and that’s all cool. Balance, Yay.

Not what you expect then, but what do you want from uni is the better question to help you get the most out of your time here, is it all about the course? Do you want to make friends? Live somewhere new and exciting? Or is it about the opportunities going to university can give you? Let me know, it might give me some tips on what to aim for in life!

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