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Home alone for Christmas?

Posted by Kailea Turner

In second and third year we students take on an extra responsibility – our homes! Now this is new to me this year as I lived in student accommodation in my second year. Being responsible for the security of my own home and not relying on my parents was something that I found daunting.… Read More

Time to unwind

Posted by Kailea Turner

Third year is proving to be very stressful, god forbid I have a decent nights sleep after a day of developing my dissertation. So I thought it was important to get away for a while. Before I got busy with my exams and getting into uni I used to visit my Granddad in Surrey at least once a year, but naughty me I hadn’t been for 3 years.… Read More

Revision tips for tackling exams!

Posted by Christabel Lungu HE Roadshow Blogger

Although Christmas was amazing, catching up with family and friends from school it was quite weird being back home. I’ve realised how independent I’ve become from being in university for only a few months. I’ve grown so used to; cooking for myself and doing everything on my own, managing my time and planning my days which I’m pretty good at surprisingly, so slotting back into family life was quite strange for me.… Read More

A Career in Healthcare? Read All About It

Posted by Tom Coope

Students considering studying healthcare courses at university are encouraged to keep up to date with relevant issues affecting the NHS. I think that’s a pretty sensible idea, it can stimulate an interest in pursuing a career in health and social care and help to develop an insight into the most important challenges facing these public services.… Read More

It’s that time of the year!

Posted by Nicolas Pottier Blogger

The dreaded month of January is here and for most university students that means exams. Here are a few pointers I use to get through…

  1. RoutineRevision notes

The best way to stay on top of revision is to plan ahead. I like to create a day plan the night before so I meet the necessary targets.… Read More

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