Eating well with limited resources

Postiwyd gan Eleanor Brooks Roadshow Blogger

Mae’r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

I come to the realisation every so often that what I’m eating has begun to effect the way I feel and work. It’s no surprise after weeks of takeaways, crisps and chocolate and little actual vegetables that I become more lazy and just feel generally gross.

Then I remember that cooking food is a thing that people do. Don’t get me wrong, I can cook, I cook a lot at home and I enjoy it. Yet comparing my uni kitchen and the kitchen my mother has lovingly crafted over numerous years that I have at home, well, the uni one is a less inciting environment. So my attempts at cooking at uni are usually little effort, as I’d prefer to not be in the kitchen too long.

To combat this I began by buying a new pan, mostly as my old one used to melt a little when slightly warmed up, and my housemates where worried that they were going to be gassed (note, Ikea pans aren’t the best quality). Pan in place I looked up recipes. I advise focusing on ones that have students in mind, or at least people with more limited skills and budget- as you don’t want to have to spend all afternoon faffing about just to make one meal that cost you as much as a night out to a restaurant anyway.

I have advice for saving money when you want to start actually cooking.

  • See if any of the recipes use the same ingredients, it’s really annoying when a recipe forces you to by a whole bag of spinach when you only need like 1/3.
  • If you eat meat get chicken thighs, they’re cheaper, but make sure you get the boneless ones, unless you’re cool with hacking the bone off, or you could go to the market and get the specific amount you want for cheaper.
  • Also for meat look in the reduced section in supermarkets for cheap mince as sometimes you’ll get lucky, just use it straight away or put it in the freezer.
  • If you get along with your housemates see if they’re up for having a few things be communal, like salt, pepper, oil, sugar etc. not only will it save money it will save precious cupboard space.
  • It sounds obvious but only buy as much as you need, when you’re buying fruit or veg get the loose ones so if you only need one onion you only get one.

But anyway, the climax of the story is that I successfully made a quiche! And it was actually nice. I also made a chicken curry and spinach pasta. All with loads of vegetables in, that’s another tip, I like to test myself and see how many different colours I can get in one meal, as I always feel super healthy when what I’m eating looks bright, but in a natural not an E numbers way.

What’s more amazing is that I stayed in budget! And I still have half a pack of chicken and some beef mince waiting in the freezer for this week’s experiments.

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