What happens next?

Posted by Nicolas Pottier Blogger

It has been a week since the end of the exam period, the novelty of freedom is wearing off and the boredom is starting to settle in. You start murmuring to yourself, what happens next? If that is you then it’s probably about time to start planning your summer holidays. Here are a few ideas to occupy your (fingers crossed) warm, sunny days:

Can you go travelling? After school/university, holidays will never be that long again so I suggest making the most of them and go sight-seeing. It’s a great way to experience new cultures, learn new facts about this vast world we live in and hopefully use this knowledge in your field when you come back. In university, there are many ways to travel. You can join a society who go summer trips. For example, the kayaking society sometimes go to the Alps to do some white-water rafting. Another way to go travelling is by checking out the Go Global Opportunities as they offer subsidised trips abroad. These include language and culture learning trips, volunteering trips or subject based trips. Finally, more locally Give-It-a-go sessions are also available throughout the summer when the students’ union organise day trips, from hiking in the Gower peninsula to going to Thorpe Park.

No time to travel? How about finding a small, summer job instead? It’s a good way to save up for the following year. This job doesn’t have to be subject related but if it could be then it will play in your favour for applying to university or full-time jobs in the future. You can learn valuable skills about how to earn and handle money, plus who wouldn’t want extra pocket money? Cardiff university offers through Jobshop numerous jobs tailored to students. I work for the Ambassadors scheme throughout the year thanks to Jobshop. These jobs can either run in the summer only or can be carried out in the year which can lead to a stable income (great for purchasing gifts for friends and family Haha) but make sure you prioritise your studies!

Don’t want to travel or get a job? No worries. How about take up a hobby? Summer is the best time to do activities unrelated to school or university. It is that time to get additional skills that can help your future self. For example, you can read, scrapbook, knit, try a new sport, the list is endless. Not only will you acquire new skills, but since you are doing something that isn’t related to your studies helps you refresh while having fun.

At the end of the day, you can do anything throughout the summer, just make sure you stay active. I don’t want to see any couch potatoes! Take part in as many activities as you like. You’ll thank me in September when you realise how much you’ve accomplished this summer. So, stop reading and get on with it!

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