Moving out

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For most, the end of the year is synonymous with moving out. This involves planning the logistics of the move, either organising the parents to drive and play moving trucks for the day or making the move yourself. If you are lucky enough not to be moving around too many times throughout your university life then this part of the year will not be too problematic. Fortunately for me this year my contracts overlap so I have a week to move rather than a day, but anyway here are a few tips that I have picked up over the years that will help with the move.


Plan ahead:

First thing is quite straightforward. PLAN AHEAD, PLAN AHEAD, PLAN AHEAD. If you plan ahead, moving day will be a piece of cake. Yes, I used the words plan ahead 5 times in the last 2 sentences but I cannot emphasise how important it is.  Make sure you pack before the M-Day and know exactly when you need to leave the keys as to avoid any rushing and running like headless chickens. I once planned my move so badly, I had to put everything in a taxi and chase it by bike to make it out on time. By having all the details organised before, you can switch off your brain and endure a day of a free gym session carrying things.



If you can only do one trip, then make sure you plan how it will all fit in the car. For example, make sure any furniture is flat packed or vacuum packed for items such as bedding to reduce their size. Ever since I started using vacuum packs, I found I could fit twice as much in the car. If for whatever reason you can’t move your things out of Cardiff then make sure you organise a storage unit as they disappear very quickly. Or like me make friends with a local and burden them with all your belongings for the summer. Storage units are quite cheap as student deals are often available just make sure you do it early. If you have too many items to store, perhaps think about donating some. It will alleviate your load while doing a good deed.


The boring stuff:

At the beginning of the tenancy an inventory is filled out indicating the state of the property before you move in. The agency will expect the property to be the same as the inventory signed at the start. If you fail to do so then money from your deposit will be deducted. To avoid that make sure you run through the inventory to make sure everything is up to standard. This will limit any further issues with the agents later. Get all your flatmates to do a cleaning session and on M-day run a quick inspection to make sure nothing has been left unattended. You’ll thank me later when you have more summer money to spend.


Check lists and labels:

I find writing up a checklist and labelling boxes before moving will help you find things quickly. This will not only make moving easier but it will allow you to keep track of all your belongings so you don’t lose or misplace items. On a side note, do not forget to change all your addresses to the new property or home.



Finally, a great way to test who your best friends are is by asking them for help packing haha. Make it a fun by organising a M-day party where you can empty your fridge and drinks cabinet. I usually find if you treat them to dinner after they are likely to accept. The more hands you can get to help, the faster and less stressful your move will be.


Whilst moving can be tedious and strenuous, try to have fun. It is the end of a chapter but more importantly the start of a new adventure. As you start your new adventure, I would like to be the first to wish you the best of luck!

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