Only gone and got a JOB!

Postiwyd gan Tom Birkhead

Mae’r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saeneg yn unig.

Well check me out, only gone and got myself a GRADUATE JOB. I was one of the smart (stupid) ones who started applying for jobs before I had even handed in my dissertation. The truth is that getting rejections from employers in your 9am lectures – it’s not the best start to the day. But that magical email came – offer for an interview! My first one too (can you tell I am kinda proud?!) A PR agency in Wales, something I had never even considered whilst at Uni. I started back in June (Yes, right out of lectures, please live the summer up for me) and got to say this whole full time job thing – Uni really does set you up ready for it. I mean sure, I might have never written an article about Virtual Reality before, I didn’t even really know that much about it, but woweee I have only gone and got one in a magazine for a client! I have noticed small things that I did in a completely different format whilst in my studies, but that makes me completely ready for the task. They aren’t lying to you when they say those graduate attributes are legit, they really, truly are. So whilst you are nodding off in your 9am, or planning pre-drinks in your afternoon seminars, pay attention, and you might just get yourself a shiny new job when you leave.

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