Graduation Station

Posted by Kailea Turner

Feeling a bit like Alice fallen down the rabbit hole at the minute. Adulthood – it’s hard. What is even harder? MEASURING YOUR HEAD FOR YOUR GRADUATION CAP. Stupid thing to get upset over, I know. But seriously, feels a little bit like I am trying to measure how much my brain has grown over the last three years at Uni. What if it is too small? What if I have learnt nothing about anything? AHHH. Right, cup of tea time. Ordering my gown was majorly overwhelming. My results weren’t even that daunting, bish bash bosh, email open, degree? Check. But Graduation? Well that’s a whole new kettle of fish. The lead up to the big day, (that’s right – big day, like you’re marrying your future) was kinda nerve wracking for me. I am not a massive fan of crowds (insert joke about how I am a drama student, yes I know) and the pressure to look both beautiful and smart for the photos is too much for a gal to handle. But guess what? Of course I had the best day ever. Literally – laughing, crying, napping (on the way home). I did it all. And guess what – YOU WILL TOO. The fact is that as stressful as Uni was, knowing that it has all come to an end is the truly scary part. Don’t get me wrong – what a relief to get that piece of paper. But knowing that you are entering the real world as a seemingly educated adult?! Someone get me some pizza and an episode of game of thrones.

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