Interview Tips!

Posted by Kailea Turner

Remember when I said I got a job from my first interview? I thought I could share some tips with you to help you for yours. Some of them are probably really straight forward, and in that case feel free to ignore, but some of them might just be what you need to land the job, so listen close caterpillar (god I am even talking like an sorta-adult know, gross)

So, as I am sure you know, first impressions are key in an interview. Make sure you have your journey planned out ahead of time, and get there with plenty of time to spare. Also, factor in for disaster, take some extra powder if you wear make up, deodorant if you are likely to sweat, and an extra tie – because you just never know.

Secondly, be professional before you have even entered the building. Cutting someone up pulling into the car park? That could be your prospective boss, and I am guessing you just lost the job. Also, be as nice as pie to everyone in the building, and make sure to be as helpful as possible too – these could be your new colleagues.
Now, homework time. Before you have even gone to the interview, you had better know everything about the company. I mean seriously, read everything there is to read about your prospective job and employers. Don’t forget as well, that you should think of anything they might ask you and have answers fully prepared. No-one wants to be blindsided in an interview. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail and all that.

Now in the actual interview – SIT STILL. Fidgeting is distracting, and you want your future boss to be paying attention to how amazing you are and how perfect you are for the job.

Finally – don’t worry. Worst case scenario? You don’t get the job. No need to stress about that right?!

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