The only advice you need before starting uni.

Posted by Eleanor Brooks Roadshow Blogger

I’ve found it. It took me until my third year but I’ve discovered how to make having fun at uni much easier. Not only that, but to avoid dying of boredom over the loonnnngg summer, make friends and make yourself more employable. Get a job. Specifically a summer job for the purpose of this post, but a job during term time is also great if you can give the time up from your course.

Don’t misunderstand, I know it’s not as easy as just saying get a job, and many of my other uni friends have had much more interesting summers than me; and no, I’m not bitter that I’ve spent 3 months in a service station whilst you’ve been touring – insert impressive far flown destination here – as I’ve definitely saved more money (sooooo not bitter).  And what job you get is also important; for example, I had a job in the summer after my first year at university as a waitress and all I gained was a few extra quid and the information that I did not suit being a waitress (I was awful, it was embarrassing).

But this year, I had a job in a proper shop, with a proper contract which I had to sign and everything (I know, wow!). I had a uniform and a reason to be up by 7 every (other) morning, I saw new people everyday, I got to brighten old couples’ days by serving them ice creams and having banter over the fact there was no rum and raisin (the older generation really rate rum and raisin). I mean yeah, it was kinda boring and sometimes strangers were mean to me over things that I had no control over, but I was being paid so who cares, I got some good stories from it.

Let’s talk money, because I’m not going to lie to you, money was the main factor in me finding a job. I worked 3-4 days a week and am by no means ballin’ now, but I can afford to go out in freshers and have more rounds at the pub, meals out, shopping sprees, sweets at the cinema… you get the idea! It just makes going back to uni life and re-learning how to budget a little easier. What’s more, I can hopefully hold onto some of what I’ve earned and do something fun with it after I graduate! At least before I have to get a real full time job…

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