Not Nothing, Not Everything.

Posted by Sophia Khirani

So a little about me: I am Sophia and I am currently in my second year studying Journalism and Communications. I literally spent my first year at university on my couch with my best friend (Ben and Jerry’s) binge watching loads of TV shows and studying for my course in my free time, that is, when I felt like I needed a break from my binge watching streak. On an unfortunate day, when my laptop betrayed me and had a breakdown, I was forced to actually make some human interaction. And through that human interaction I got to know all the amazing things my friends were doing. One of them learned a new language, another one learned how to knit and my best friend (the human one this time) joined a crying club somewhere in Cardiff, although I have no reasonable explanation on why she joined it or even why the club exists . But back to the point, that conversation hit me like a bucket of ice cold water on a winter morning in the north pole. I realised that I was doing nothing in my life and was completely wasting it on The Big Bang Theory and Game of Thrones. I finally got up from the sofa with a burning fire within me (could have

My current best friend.

been acidity) and a newfound determination to do it all.

My previous best friend (still is…)

And so I did. I joined basically anything and everything which even remotely interested me. I did horse riding , Jiu jitsu , salsa, cha cha, Latin dance and it was going just fine then. I gained a few friends (see photo on the right) along the way and actually started enjoying my university life. The problems started when my greedy mind thought “let’s do more!”. So, apart from doing what I was already doing I took up volunteering, ambassadorship for different institutions, internships relating to my degree, work experience, aikido, student representative, member of an executive team and much more… all of this alongside doing my actual degree. The burden of doing all of this and managing everything became so much, I almost started to feel forced to do things that I joined because I enjoyed them at first. I had to let a few of them go and prioritize but there’s where time management and organisational techniques fit in; then again, that’s a topic for discussion in an another blog for another time.


The point that I was trying to make among all this blabbering was that you should do fun things at university, but you shouldn’t try to do everything. Doing everything is just as harmful as not doing anything. Always pick a couple of activities that you are genuinely interested in and commit to them. You will end up making lifelong friends along with honing your skills – if you set out to do everything, however, you might just become a “Jack of all trades, master of none”.

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