Weekend Away

Posted by Nicolas Pottier Blogger

Recently, a group of friends and I decided to take a leap of faith and be spontaneous by renting a wooden cabin in the Welsh countryside for the weekend.

After about an hour’s drive from Cardiff, we finally arrived. The first night was spent laughing and relaxing around some pizza and games. The following day, after our bacon and eggs breakfast, we set off to explore the region characterised by its waterfalls. We encountered some slight navigational issues and ended up taking a little longer than expected to find the place (I was told to blame the co-pilot). When we finally reached our destination we went on a short hike to each of the waterfalls. The sights were great, and it was amazingly peaceful listening to the birds and the sound of the waterfall. However, the peace and quiet was short lived when, one of us (not going to mention names) had their shoe fall apart. Once so proud of his military boot, he was now quiet and ashamed as his foot was soaking in all that mud and water. Luckily for him, a lovely stranger gave him a plastic bag to cover what was left of his shoe and we carried on walking back to the car.

On Sunday morning, we were all very eager to climb Pen Y Fan but realised after devouring our breakfast that we were all too unfit and too lazy to climb it. Instead we visited the romantic town of Brecon. We concluded our amazing weekend by having one of the greatest Sunday Roasts ever and chilling by the lake with some hot coffee.

Weekends away like these are the reason I love Wales and Cardiff so much. In no time and with very little effort, you and a group of your closest friends can enjoy the Welsh wilderness in under an hour. If you love your outdoor activities then I really recommend Cardiff as your home base!

I am now impatiently looking forward to our next adventure!

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