Who to live with?

Posted by Jackson Li

It’s a fact that letting agencies will try to rush you when you start thinking about where you’re going to live in second year. They’ll make it seem like there won’t be any houses left, like you’ll have nobody to live with – and it will all sound very convincing. You’ll be anxious, stressed to sign a contract which you haven’t thought through properly, months into your fresher’s year, with people you can only hope you’ll still like in another 10 months.

It happened to me, it happens to us all, every year. I was rushed into living with 9 other people that I didn’t know that well; all because I was so frightened I wouldn’t have a place to live at all. Looking back my anxiety seems silly: Cardiff is a capital city for goodness sake, it’s hardly going to run out of student priced housing when its home to three entire universities. Sadly the people I chose to live with were not as sociable as I had hoped so I ended up feeling quite lonely at times. Luckily I thought carefully before I chose my third-year housemates and we all get on fantastically.

All of this can be avoided – there is nothing serious forcing you to rush into a housing contract. Take your time. Wait until after Christmas. Make sure you do your research since some landlords and letting agencies will try to make as much money out of you as possible with little regard for the comfort of your new home. Really get to know the people you’re considering living with before you sign anything. Despite what letting agencies want you to think, Cardiff – or any university city for that matter- is not going to run out of houses or friends for you to live with.



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