Reading Week or Sleeping Week?

Postiwyd gan Miriam Hopkins

Mae’r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Week 6 brings me to Reading Week – sort of like a school’s half term but instead of relaxing it’s probably more hectic than during term time, as I have about 50 books to read and a 100 deadlines to meet (OK so slight exaggeration there). I’ve gone home to my mum’s in Swansea to be able to focus more without all the distractions of my friends and housemates. It’s also heaven to go back home and spend some time with my dog, Beti!

This is a picture I took of Beti on my disposable camera over the summer


She’s definitely not pedigree; a quarter collie, quarter kelpy, quarter labrador, and a quarter staffie. A cocktail of tail wagging. She turned three over the summer, so she’s still very young. I’m on the train back to Cardiff now and missing her already. I’m returning for my friends’ 21st birthday party and also for the 24 hours access to the library. When I said I was going home to focus and try and do some work I was definitely lying; my mum (and Beti) are the worst distractions, I don’t even think she understands that I’m in the final year of my degree. Shameful.

Cardiff Central Station


I’m currently trying to find inspiration for my creative writing – I have to have a portfolio composed by January and so far I just do not have enough material. Believe it or not, as a literature student, my life is pretty chaotic. and trying to find the time to sit somewhere peaceful and find inspiration for short stories is quite challenging!

My other modules this term are Gender and Monstrosity, books that consist of late Victorian Gothic fiction mostly, and Modern Drama: Page, Stage and Screen. I think my favourite of them at the minute is Gender and Monstrosity – some of the books are quite chilling to read and I also have the opportunity to write my own Gothic tale! We’ll see how that goes…

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