Who thought January exams would be a good idea?

Postiwyd gan Jackson Li

Mae’r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Christmas is fast approaching and, although everyone is buzzing to get home for the holidays, there’s something lurking in the back of your mind. January exams lurk around the corner threatening to ruin the holiday season, it really is a shame that we have to worry about revising when we are trying to unwind and enjoy some family time – perhaps picking up a few shifts to struggle back to the surface of our overdraft. But there are, obviously, some things you can do to help yourself – and it’s not about shutting yourself away from family and friends revising 24/7.

This will sound more like common sense than advice, but: don’t leave all your revision until the last minute. Sit down right at the beginning of your holidays and take out a planner, write in your exam dates so you know what you have to aim for. The same goes for coursework. Plan around all the other things you want to do – you need to make time to rest and see your friends as well as exercising and getting enough sleep! Your revision really doesn’t need to take more than two hours at a time out of your day, and you are likely to be at your most productive when you are busy: that is when you are fitting your revision around the rest of your life.

Although you have to take the exams alone, don’t underestimate the importance of help from friends in your class. Some people work best alone, sure, but it’s usually very helpful to revise together; not only can you test your knowledge on someone else but it has been proven you retain information better if you take an active role teaching it.

Finally – good luck! Balancing everything can seem like an impossible task but if you look after yourself and chip away at revision you will be okay.


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