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Mae’r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

University can seem like a daunting experience when you’re in school, but personally, I think it’s just the fear of the unknown. For me, university has been the greatest experience I have had so far! It’s given me the opportunity to learn much more about the subject I love, gain more friends than I can remember the names of and to become more independent.

Year 1 Medicine 2015/16

Support from friends

Support doesn’t necessarily need to take the form of an official support service. Cliché I know, but coming to university you are all in the same boat and so the best people to lean on for help are those around you going through the same thing! The majority of support I have received since coming to university has been from the many friends I have made and particularly from my close friendship group and housemates.

University for me has mainly been about making so many new friends and all I can say is go and meet new people; join lots of societies and clubs as they are the ones that will be absolute gems when it comes to support.

Peer-peer support

My Lovely Medic Family

In medicine, there is a medic families scheme. This is where you have a set of medic ‘parents’ from the year above who are your port of call for all things medicine, student and just life! Speaking to students in the year above is one of the best ways to learn more about what the course will entail; it’s great for assessment advice and useful to learn about common mistakes. This year I became a medic ‘grandparent’ my medic ‘children’ had their own ‘children’. Firstly, it shows how time flies (still can’t believe I am in my third year already), but also it’s a great way of integrating between year groups and surprisingly fun teaching those who are going through what you did! My medic family are in the photo from our classic ‘Back to school’ gathering (the photo that completely failed – but never fails to make me smile!)

One of the things I’d heard about (but not really taken much notice of before starting university) is the support services available at Cardiff University. Although I have not needed to use the services myself yet, knowing that others have used them and that there is a wide range of excellent support available is such a relief – especially as those who have used the services have spoken so highly about them!

The support takes all forms, including support with revision methods, support financially, support with submitting extenuating services for exams and much more. In the school of medicine there is a designated medic support service which can be used either as a self-referral or the medical school can refer students who may need some extra tips and help with studies, placement etc.

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