Winter is on its way!

Postiwyd gan Nicolas Pottier Blogger

Mae’r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

It’s that time of the year when the days are getting shorter and shorter and when you start and leave university in the dark. It’s the time when the temperatures drop and all you feel like doing is staying in bed under your 15 Tog duvet. I find winter to be the hardest month to be proactive. Here are a few things that keep me going regardless of the weather Cardiff chooses to toss at me this winter.

If like me, the thought of feeling the crisp air on your skin sends shivers down your spin; this is the first tip I can give you: invest in a warm coat. Until recently, I believed wearing layers was the key to staying warm; however, in the coldest month, you can sensibly wear a certain amount of layers before one layer explodes or you may look like the Michelin man. This year, I gave up on the bubble wrap look and bought a new coat. Best investment ever!  I can comfortably wear a t-shirt, light jumper and the coat to wonder around the city.

The second tip is a hot water bottle for those cold nights. Just before going to bed, fill up your water bottle and place it under your pillow or under the duvet. Greatest feeling ever when you get into bed… and it costs no more than £6 in Primark! This bottle will become your top cuddle buddy when your stingy flatmates refuse to turn on the heating because they don’t want to pay the bill or when they tell you that it isn’t cold,


The third tip is to keep your hands warm with a travel mug. Sometimes gloves don’t always do the trick so holding a travel mug will add to the feeling of warmth. On top of that, it also keeps your insides warm and fluffy while you make your way to class for a 9am lecture.

If all that still makes you stay in bed, then the last tip I can give you is the following: take advantage of the heating in university buildings. You can work and use the internet, while taking in all the heat at the same time. There are days when I stay in the library until 9pm doing some work before heading home to cook and then slide straight into bed where it is warm to watch something on my laptop.

Hopefully these tips will turn you from a winter-phobe like me to someone who is active and ready to embrace the jolly season!

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