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Join a society!

Posted by Jackson Li

When you first get to uni the prospect of making new friends can seem daunting. Sure, you have your new housemates, but what if you don’t get along with all of them? What about when you want a wider circle of friends?… Read More

Not Nothing, Not Everything.

Posted by Sophia Khirani

So a little about me: I am Sophia and I am currently in my second year studying Journalism and Communications. I literally spent my first year at university on my couch with my best friend (Ben and Jerry’s) binge watching loads of TV shows and studying for my course in my free time, that is, when I felt like I needed a break from my binge watching streak.… Read More

Moving back after summer

Posted by Kate Powell

 Moving back for third year….

My uni room

Moving back to university after a long summer holiday is both exciting and slightly strange. Exciting if you’re moving into a new house, exciting to get to see housemates and course mates again and, of course, exciting to get stuck into another year of the course!… Read More

Welsh Varsity 2017!

Posted by Christabel Lungu HE Roadshow Blogger


Welsh varsity, as I soon came to learn, is one of the biggest university events of the year in Cardiff and definitely the biggest sporting event. Varsity started 21 years ago as a rugby match between Cardiff University and Swansea University but over the years it has expanded on a pretty large scale.Read More

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