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Buildings are being built all around us, and someone needs to design them. Architecture is the art of building. Architects have the important role of incorporating safety and structure, taste, space requirements and overall purpose to deliver buildings that are practical, safe and in some cases international works of art.

There are a range of skills required to become an architect. Construction, product choice and design work are key to a successful architecture student. If you have a practical and creative mind and like to work hands on, then a career in architecture could be for you!

If you would rather be a part of the science behind the buildings then you may be better suited for a career in architectural technology. Architectural technologists are specialists in the science of architecture, building design and construction. Working closely with architects, they help to turn design concepts into reality and ensure than an attractive, functional building performs successfully. They are also responsible for using the right materials and meeting building regulations, quality assurance and costs.

Worldwide priorities now lie united in sustainability and energy-use issues. As a result, architects are now in even more demand to tackle these challenges within their planning and designing. This may seem like a juggling act, but through the appropriate training in university, graduates are provided with the skills to be highly capable in meeting these challenges. Qualified architects are highly sought after and highly respected members of society, who carry out this crucial and demanding role.

What will I learn?

There are many skills taught during an architecture degree, including basic building principles, how to design a building through new computer software, and how to explore a client’s needs. Students will become aware of and appreciate the historical context of architectural design and learn the values of environmentally responsive building design by studying innovative building techniques. The teaching involves studio-based work, lectures and seminars, work placements and experience in developing communication skills – an exciting balance of methods and opportunities with a varied schedule.


Following successful completion of the course, graduates can practice architecture. Other options include urban designing,research and project managing for construction companies.

Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University

Cardiff University offers a BSc/MArch, this is a 5-year course comprising of 3-years to complete a BSc in Architectural Studies followed by 2-years of study for a Masters of Architecture. This grounding can then lead on to a Diploma/Masters in Professional Studies where you would take on a placement and consequently apply for admission to the professional bodies involved in architecture, ARB and RIBA

Cardiff School of Art and Design, Cardiff Metropolitan University

At Cardiff Metropolitan University, the Architectural Design and Technology course teaches about different building techniques, materials and other factors that impact on the technical design of buildings. It is accredited by the Charted Institute of Architectural Technologists and so is a stepping stone to becoming a professionally qualified architectural technologist.

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