Cyfrifadureg a Gwybodeg

Mae’r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Computing has revolutionised nearly every aspect of our modern world.

Being educated in the computer field provides you with a competitive edge in the development industry. Every organisation uses computers and a high computer competence is a highly sought after skill in companies across work sectors and around the globe.

Studying Computer Science provides students with a broad knowledge of how computers work and how to speak their language. Whilst rooted in Mathematics, Computer Science is full of creativity as students will have to think creatively to tackle real world problems and puzzles. You can also develop and programme new software and apps and will be at the forefront of digital advances.

If you love problem solving and are interested in technical design or managing information then a degree in Computer Science may be for you!

What will I study?

Students will study a mixture of both theoretical and practical aspects of Computer Science. In your first year, you will learn the broad essentials of computing skills; these include different programming languages, the basic principles which dictate how computers operate and how computer coding woks.

In your second and third years you can develop your interests in certain areas of Computer Science, performance developmentsecurity and forensicsvisual computing, communications, and information management.

Along with completion of the degree, students will have developed the critical thinking skills needed to assess problems and offer practical solutions within the realm of computing – a quality that makes graduates very employable.


A degree in computing provides graduates with skills that are required in various sectors. Graduates of computing have gone on to work for IBM, BT, the civil service and the Ministry of Defence.
With the demand on computers being so high, there is a large market for people to fix computers and systems when they go wrong. However, the skills acquired from a Computer Science degree allows graduates to focus more on development and innovation. It is the graduates of Computer Science who will work together to tackle the computing problems of the future, such as the current issue of cyber hacking!

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