Mae’r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

The study of Education explores and questions the social, psychological, political and economic foundations of education.

Education tackles challenges like how you learn best. For example, you may learn best by listening to your teacher, but someone else may learn better with a more hands-on approach. Some people may have a learning disability, and again, this is something that different theories in education will explore to ensure that education is accessible for all. This course encourages students to actively shape one of the most vital insitutions that affects all of our lives, not just as professionals, but as students, parents, community members and citizens.Without effective education, we would not have any social figures. That means no doctors, no politicians and even no more teachers! If you have an interest in how we learn and want to become involved in the education process, a course in education may be for you.

What will I learn?

Students on education courses learn to appreciate all the factors that affect education. This includes the psychology of learning, the effect of society and appreciation of the politics behind education. You will develop an understanding of the education system within cultural, societal, political, historical and economic contexts whilst also learning about aspects of culture and identity, gender and social justice.
Later on, students will have the opportunity to focus on an area of education that they find the most interesting. This could include a deeper focus on psychology, early childhood education or how to educate people using certain communicative skills.


Graduates who have studied education are well placed to go on to become teachers, after completing a teacher training course. Other advisory roles are open to graduates within organisations such as schools, local authorities or government. You can undertake a career in social work, youth community work and care work.If graduates want to engage in research, this is also an exciting option, allowing graduates to improve the current knowledge on how education works.

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