Iaith Saesneg

Mae’r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

English Language helps you to appreciate that language has many layers and can be interpreted differently by others. There are also many other areas to consider, such as how language changes between cultures and even between males and females. It is also important for professionals to consider how they present information, via speech, visually and through actions. As an example, when the police arrest someone and give their set speech, are we so sure that everyone has understood that the same way?

The analysis of language goes beyond linguistic areas and includes the process of communication and meaning-making more generally. If you are interested in the social and cultural aspects of language and how they shape meaning then English Language could be the course for you!

What will I learn?

The course draws on linguistics and communication theory but also on other relevant fields such as sociology, anthropology, psychology and social and critical theory. You will have a grounding in the analysis of the English language and develop an in-depth understanding of linguistic tools such as grammar, phonetics and discourse analysis.

There will be an element of self-led research, as you will be required to collect and analyse your own data and will then learn how to transcribe spoken interaction as well as how to analyse it in different ways. You may also use computer software to analyse language use and programmes to design magazine covers and web pages.

There is a degree of flexibility to specialise in an area that you want to study more in depth and develop your interests.


Being informed in English Language equips students with the skills to enter careers in publishing, journalism, public relations and teaching. You can also develop a career in clinical/therapeutic areas, helping those with communication disorders.The course provides students with transferable skills, and consequently, graduates have gone onto become army officers, crime intelligence analysts and research assistants.

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