Mae’r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Mathematics goes far beyond adding, the times table or the equations that you complete in school – it has a very real application that is required in nearly every aspect of life. It is through the application of maths that space travel is achieved, that cars are designed and how banks can estimate profits – to name but a few!

As our society depends more and more on technology, there is a growing need for people with high-level maths skills in areas as wide-ranging as traffic management, market research and medicine. Employers of all types want to employ people who can analyse data and solve problems.

If you have a logical mind, have an interest in equations and like to solve problems, then Mathematics may be the subject for you!

What will I study?

Firstly, students will gain advanced mathematical skills, including new mathematical methods to solve problems and you will then learn more practical applications of maths. As you progress, you will put advanced Maths skills into real life problems, such as medical statistics, computing, and financial mathematics.

You can also choose to specialise in different areas: Mathematics and its Applications, which concentrates on the areas of Maths which can be used to create solutions to problems of general interest in the outside world, or Mathematics, Operational Research and Statistics, which has a particular focus on research and links to industry and commerce.


There is a great need for mathematicians in all sorts of fields, with the Government trying to increase the number of mathematicians in the country. Graduates have gone on to work for universities, banks, the Office for National Statistics, and other roles within businesses such as financial managers, risk analysts and statisticians.

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