Ffarmacoleg Feddygol

Mae’r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Pharmacology examines the relationship between drugs and the person receiving the drug. It appreciates that a drug or medicine can act differently in different people, and investigates why.

Pharmacology takes into account genetics, metabolism, physiology and illness that might affect the way the drug or medicine works. For example, a person may lack enzymes that break down a drug which will make it harmful. Another person may have a damaged liver which will affect metabolism.

Pharmacology is essential for the future of Medicine. It is through research in this field that we gain a better understanding of the way drugs work, and ways to best protect patients from adverse drug reactions. Drugs can be life saving medicine, or deadly weapons if not used properly.

If you have an interest in medical research and want to be involved in a highly innovative and expanding area of medicine, Pharmacology may be the area for you!

What will I study?

Students will gain a broad understanding of bioscience such as, biochemistry, genetics, physiology, metabolism and other areas. This knowledge will later be translated into more advanced studies in drug metabolism, genes that affect drug interactions and diseases.

In the final parts of the degree students are informed of different ways that investigations are conducted into pharmacology. You then have the opportunity to conduct a project of your own where they engage in a specific research team. This provides you with a transition period between being a student and entering the field of medical science.


Graduates are equipped with skills to have a successful research career in either academia, the public or private sectors. Some have gone onto work for pharmaceutical companies, conduct bioscience based research or worked for the NHS. Graduates can also go on to teach with the transferable skills they have learnt in secondary education or at university level.

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