Mae’r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

The other subjects mentioned here are mostly concerned with what we know and acquire as information. Philosophy, however, is concerned with how we know what we know, why we know what we know, or even questioning what knowledge is!

As a student studying philosophy, you will learn how to assess different ideas, understand the different approaches and understand all the different fields that philosophy crosses into.

Studying philosophy allows you to explore one of the oldest subjects that still exists in modern day education, and will explore ideas set by the early Greeks all the way to the current day. Some of the greatest minds in humanity have contributed to philosophy and you will be able to learn their theories and ideas through this discipline.

What will I study?

Students will explore the different approaches taken in philosophy, and develop their ability to present their own ideas, criticise other ideas and effectively communicate their ideas to others.

Throughout the degree course, students will develop their knowledge in a range of philosophical issues and their real application to the modern world.


The skills that students learn while studying philosophy are applicable to a wide range of areas in the working world. Students develop critical thinking skills (being able to criticise information to see if it’s valid for example), strong communication skills and strong writing skills. Recent graduates have gone on to study for professional qualifications in law and education, while others have gone on to research, managerial and leadership roles in all kinds of organisations.

Llenwch y wybodaeth isod i gael y newyddion fwyaf diweddar a hefyd unrhyw ddiweddariadau gan y tîm Sioe Deithiol: