Mae’r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Psychologists investigate why we do things, how we do them and how we relate to others as well as to the world at large. They study people at all stages in their lives from birth to old-age, assessing how people perceive, think and use ideas, how they vary in intelligence and personality and how they are influenced by particular environments such as work, school and family.

Psychology is one of the most important sciences when it comes to humanity. It looks into all aspects of how we think, and studies human behaviour from a scientific view. The applications include looking at how children learn, and how we can best use this knowledge in the development of education. to criminal psychology, which looks into the thought patterns of what makes a person commit crimes and how we can prevent this.

If you want to help develop our understanding of humanity, help people through the way they think and create a better society through psychological change, then psychology may be the course for you!

What will I learn?

Students will first be introduced to the different strands of psychology available. This could include biological psychology (how the brain works), cognitive psychology (how we think) and developmental psychology (the psychology of a child).

When students have covered the basics, there will be the opportunity to study more in-depth different areas of psychology, such as sleep and dreams, how we process visual information, and how language works. You will gain skils in experimental design, statistical analysis and data interpretation as well as having the option to complete a year on a professional placement where you can develop your skills in a professional setting.

Career options

There are many careers within the field of psychology, including psychology researcher, educational psychologist, occupational psychologist (helping companies improve their workers), counsellor and clinical psychologist.

Employers include the NHS, local governments, schools, the Ministry of Defence and many more.

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