Mae’r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Teaching is a highly valued and important profession. The current teachers that you have lessons with in secondary school will have gone to university, learnt their subject at an advanced level and been professionally trained in how to teach their subject.

Teachers have an important job to create meaningful and strong relationships with their students whilst also delivering engaging ways to help teach them. It is a career that affects us all, as we have all been through the education system.

If you want to enter a professional career that helps to shape the education of future then teaching may be the career area for you.

What will I study?

Typically, if you are considering teaching then students need to complete a degree in the subject of their interest first. For example, English teachers will need to complete either a Language or Literature undergraduate degree before learning about teaching. After completing the degree, graduates apply for a Post Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE for short) course. This is a mixture of theory and placements, providing graduates with knowledge on how to best teach and to gain experience in teaching.

If you are considering Primary School education there is the option to either take a PGCE course after your undergraduate degree or apply for an undergraduate course in teaching straight away.

There are alsocourses available that allow students to learn their subject whilst also being focused towards a career in teaching, for example Cardiff Metropolitan University offer courses in Secondary Teaching: Music and Welsh.


Teachers typically work in state schools (paid for by the government), but can also be employed in private or religious based schools. Newly Qualified Teachers can develop in their careers by becoming Heads of Years or Departments and aiming for senior positions within schools such as Deputy and Headteachers.

Llenwch y wybodaeth isod i gael y newyddion fwyaf diweddar a hefyd unrhyw ddiweddariadau gan y tîm Sioe Deithiol: