For Parents

Welcome to the Higher Education Roadshow, a joint venture between Cardiff University and Cardiff Metropolitan University which aims to engage pupils and encourage them to continue into higher education. For some pupils, university can be a daunting prospect. We aim to demystify the university experience through overcoming common misconceptions about higher education and illustrating the benefits of life at university. We also visit schools and provide interactive assemblies to pupils in years 9-11.

University is a life-changing experience, for parents as well as pupils, this website is an informative tool for you to find out more about Higher Education and have the opportunity to get questions answered by both staff and current university students. Many parents want to support their son or daughter in continuing their education but the process of finding a place at university, and indeed university life itself, can appear something of a mystery.

Universities vary dramatically: some have a campus in the countryside, others are in cities; some are new, others are old; some may be a distance from where you live, others may be just down the road. Ideally your child should visit the place to see if they’ll fit in and enjoy living and studying there for a few years. What course and university they choose will depend on their character and interests. Please get involved, take and interest and be supportive… but don’t take over!

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