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Not Nothing, Not Everything.

Posted by Sophia Khirani

So a little about me: I am Sophia and I am currently in my second year studying Journalism and Communications. I literally spent my first year at university on my couch with my best friend (Ben and Jerry’s) binge watching loads of TV shows and studying for my course in my free time, that is, when I felt like I needed a break from my binge watching streak.… Read More

Survival Cooking

Posted by Jackson Li

So it’s your first time on your own, living away from home. You’re nervous; you don’t know the first thing about looking after yourself… and you’re hungry. Don’t worry! Honestly, we’ve all been there.

First of all, it’s important not to fall into the trap of living on ready meals.… Read More

Another year older…

Posted by Hayley Taylor

So, 3rd year! Can’t believe I’m saying that already… As medicine is a five year course I’m not graduating this year, but it does mean I get to be out in hospitals on placement for most of the year instead of in lectures for the first time.… Read More

Moving back after summer

Posted by Kate Powell

 Moving back for third year….

My uni room

Moving back to university after a long summer holiday is both exciting and slightly strange. Exciting if you’re moving into a new house, exciting to get to see housemates and course mates again and, of course, exciting to get stuck into another year of the course!… Read More

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